The Bottom Line

Every been in a conversation where you just wanted to shout “Get to the point!”? Most of us have. Sometimes we just want clear, easy to understand communication. When you read the book of James, you’ll find the author has a wonderful way of getting right to it. No ambiguity. Nothing wishy-washy. Just straightforward instructions on how to live the spiritual life in a healthy way. As we explore the book of James, we’ll find he has a gift for being “blunt”.


Sometimes the “why” gets lost in the busyness of the “what”. But the “why” should always come
first. It should be a touchstone throughout any activity in our lives.

What you “say” you value may actually be different than what you’re investing in. If God is on your list of values, make sure you’re investing in the things that keep you connected to Him.

Life is “over the top” full for most of us. And yet some things just matter more. Make sure you are investing in those.

In order for us to reach our goals individually and as a church we have to know what our dreams are and be willing to execute at all costs!


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