Busy days. Painful events. Heartbreak. Often it’s just easier to close our eyes to it all. Because sometimes…life hurts. Many of us live our lives in the dusk, stumbling through our days hoping to avoid more pain. But all the while, we miss the light. Living with eyes open is risky. But it’s where you find life. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” It’s time for all of us to live with “Eyes Wide Open.”

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You get to choose what you look at. Do you see God?

When we live with eyes wide open we can see joy no matter what our circumstances are.

When we live with eyes wide open we see all the heartbreak around us and respond.

People are incredibly complex. So don’t just see behaviors. Be a heart watcher.

It’s not wrong to think of yourself. But make sure you really “see” you.

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