Stranger Things

The words you speak have the power to infect those around you. Either for good or for bad. At times we find ourselves complaining about our circumstances even though that doesn’t change them. We might find ourselves lying about something in our life to make us look better. Even gossiping about those around you. In this series we will talk about how to infect those around you in a positive way with your words.

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What if our job was to bring right side up living to an upside down world?  According to Jesus, it is.

Do you struggle with over indulgence? You aren’t alone. But God has an answer: a spirit of discipline.

Raise vs. Raze - Guest Speaker Bill Sanders

God can use your trails to produce faith and draw you closer to him.

Our main calling in life is not to happiness but to holiness.

You have a greater calling in life as a follower of Jesus. You have been called!

Comfort vs. Persecution

Play vs. Pray

Open vs. Closed

No matter how this moment feels, take the long view.  Fight vs. Flight. 

Rogue winds blow into every life. One of the great keys to victory is learning how to encourage yourself in the Lord. Choose Life.

Every day we have the choice of skimming the surface, or going deep. Go deep.

As tempting as they are, don’t do paybacks. Instead, pay if forward.

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