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What is Fusion 412?

Fusion 412 is our Student Ministry ranging from 6th Grade to 12th Grade and runs September-June. Our Passion is connecting students with God while having a lot of fun.



Hastings Campus meets Sundays from 5:30-7:30 PM  in the main auditorium. (Please enter through the front main doors.)


Middleville Campus meets Wednesdays from 6:00-8:00 PM


Delton Campus meets Wednesdays from 6:00-8:00 PM

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Fusion 412 Leadership

Matthew VanDongen
Matthew VanDongen

Director of Student Ministries

Greg Ondersma
Greg Ondersma

Delton Youth Leader

Jesse Stevens
Jesse Stevens

Assistant Director of Student Ministries & Middleville Student Leader



Will there be food?

Yes, every week we either have Pizza or a home cooked meal at our Hastings, Middleville and Delton Campuses.


IS my STUDENT going to be safe?

Yes, we have security guards that are trained on safety procedures.


what does a FUSION Night look like?

A typical night includes food, games, announcements, worship, teaching, small groups, and time to hang out. The atmosphere is a lot of fun with several different ways for students to engage. 


can I trust the leaders?

Yes, every leader has to be approved by the church, have turned in an application, and have gone through a background check. 


what should my STUDENT bring?

Your student doesn't need to bring anything with them. But if they would like to bring a bible and notebook they can. 


what do STUDENTS learn?

Our win is to create a lasting connection with friends, leaders, and God.  We focus on learning about Jesus, what is our identity in God, and how to live in our culture. 




Hello from the Fusion Families! 

We hope everyone has been well in these strange times. We know there have been so many adjustments that have had to be made during this time for both parents and students. With that being said, we are VERY excited to bring you some good news! 


This is exciting for us, but there is a lot of information regarding what Fusion looks like during this season that we need to share with you. Safety is the most important thing for us. Click on the links below to access the Parent Letter and the Parent Authorization Form. Please read the Parent Letter and fill out the Parent Authorization Form* along with reading through the Re-Gathering FAQs below. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unusual season. We're thankful for the opportunity to gather as Fusion again!

*The Authorization Form needs to be completed and turned in to a Fusion leader. Please click the "Authorization Form" button above to print and fill out the form. Students will not be able to attend any Fusion gatherings without submitting a completed copy of this form.


What is the Mask Policy?

All staff and volunteers will be wearing masks during the duration of a Fusion hangout. Student mask wearing will be required when social distancing guidelines are not able to be followed. Masks will be provided if they do not have one. This is in line with what the schools are doing. Students will be asked to participate in social distancing (we will explain more below) and if a student is purposely breaking social distancing/mask guidelines, they will be asked to please return to following all guidelines. In extreme cases they will be asked to leave the event.

How does Fusion plan to facilitate Social Distancing?

We have developed this policy based on the information given from the Governor regarding day camps. Students will be put in groups of 10. These groups of 10 will not intermingle with other groups of 10. We will designate them to their own location on campus. In an instance where we have a message and worship, areas will be designated for each group. We will hold everything outside as much as possible and we will only have activities inside if it is safe to social distance. We ask that students please stay in their designated groups.

Is there any sort of Check-In process?

We have a 4-point check-in process. We are making it as contactless as possible. 1.) The student’s temperature will be taken through a non-touch thermometer. 2.) The parent/guardian will sign a parent consent form. A new pen will be provided for each parent/guardian. (this only has to be signed once). Have a look at the parent form here: https://bit.ly/2Co2HbU 3.) The student must answer these 3 questions: a. Are you aware of exposure to anyone with covid-19 in the past 2 weeks? b. Are you experiencing shortness of breath, fever, or cough? c. Do you feel well today? If they answer yes to any of these questions, if the student has a fever, or if the consent form is not signed, we will ask for the student not to attend the event that day. 4.) Students will sanitize/wash hands and follow a volunteer to their small group location.

Will Dinner still be provided?

Dinner will still be provided. Each meal will be individually ready for a student to grab. The meal will be plated by a volunteer that has a mask and gloves on. This also applies to snacks and water. Snacks will already be bagged for the students to grab and we will provide bottles water.

How is Fusion keeping clean?

1.) Prior to every event all touch surfaces will be sanitized & stocked. a. -Auditorium (tables, doors…) b. -Lobby (Info Center, Café Counter, Next Step, Tables…) c. -Bathrooms (2 main, 1 back room bathroom for staff and volunteers) d. -Meeting Rooms (anywhere we will be using) e. -All other surfaces used during the event. 2.) During every event surface mentioned above will be re-sanitized. 3.) Everything will be sanitized when the event is finished.

What if a Student begins to feel sick while at Fusion?

1.) If a student is feeling sick, has shortness of breath, fever, or cough, or as been exposed to Covid-19 in the last two, THEY SHOULD NOT attend the event. A student must be free of symptoms for 72 hours before attending an event. 2.) In the event that a child or staff member becomes sick with an illness that could spread, they will be moved to a designated quarantine area immediately. The parent/guardian will be called and asked to pick their student up. 3.) We will also have each member the group of ten quarantine until picked up. We will contact every parent/guardian of the students in the group of 10. 4.) If we find out that a student or leader that attended an event has Covid-19 we will reach out to every student and leader that was at that event. Any leader or student that was in that group of ten would be asked to get tested for Covid-19 or wait 14 days before returning. The student or leader that has Covid-19 would be asked to wait 14 days before returning. 5.) If a small group leader sees any of these symptoms they will notify the youth pastor or point person for the evening/event. 6.) We will do our best to keep this information confidential for the privacy of the student and family. This will be difficult in some cases especially if a student is removed and separated from their small group. Because of HIPAA laws, we cannot release the name of the person.

Have more questions? Email Matt VanDongen at mvandongen@tvcweb.com


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