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Find Your Tribe

We have Tribes for different needs and stages of life. Find yours today!



Find your Tribe by browsing through our digital Tribe Booklet! Click on a Tribe in the booklet to be brought to that Tribe's registration page.


We need to be connected to each other in order to achieve our goal of a deeper connection with God. 
Below you will find different types of Tribes to fit whatever stage of life you might be in.

Find Connection

With a Tribe focused on connection with God and others.​ We have a variety of Connect Tribes available for you! 

  • Meet for a season or year-round.

  • Co-ed

  • Couples

  • Serving

  • Mens

  • Womens

...and more

Find Support
With a Tribe focused on support for life seasons, changes and challenges. We have a variety of Support Tribes available for you!

  • Meet for a series of weeks during the year, a season or all year round.

  • Living Grace

  • MOPS

  • Grief Share

...and more

Kids and Students
Find your Tribe with our TVC Kids and Fusion Student Ministry!

  • Kids and Students are connected to other Kids and Students.

  • Kids and Students are connected to dedicated small group leaders.

  • Parents are encouraged to connect with TVC Kids and Fusion leaders to help support spiritual growth at home.

Questions about what Tribe is right for you? Click Here!

“The ladies in my Tribe are my intentional, consistent and enduring spiritual tribe!”

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