God Connection

Ready to take a next step with your God connection? Check out the helpful info below.

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Here at TVC we define a God-Connection as a regular time set aside to connect with God through prayer, Bible-Reading and other spiritual disciplines. Below are some tools to strengthen your God-Connection.

90 Day New Testament Bible Reading Plan

Journey though the 260 chapters of the New Testament over the next 90 days. From the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, all the way to the final book of Revelation, God will speak to you throughout the teachings of those who were transformed by our Savior. 

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Abide is a convenient app full of guided audio prayers and tools to meditate on scripture.


Journaling is a practice Christ-followers have used throughout the centuries to record their prayers, insights, and the whispers they receive from God.



Fasting is a temporary sacrifice Christ-followers will occasionally make to devote more time and attention to prayer and listening to God. The most common sacrifice is related to food, but at times we will voluntarily give up social media or other distractions as a "fast".


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